About Us

Financeware is the industry’s leading platform focused exclusively on connecting and perfecting the tech infrastructure of the new wealth experience.

Advantage. Access. Expertise.

The big bang of fintech has transformed a universe of segments into a converging connected ecosystem. To compete and win, innovators must create, collaborate and integrate. Agility is expected, but access and advantage now must be earned.

Financeware was born of a need to connect winning solution sets to the fast-moving targets, partners and market opportunities playing out across the entire wealthscape. With decades of tech leadership, a deep bench and unrivaled views of the horizon, we’re helping to define and deliver the new seamless and simplified winning wealth experience.

Leadership Vision
The key to sustainable business performance is a strong and shared clarity of the market, trends, players and patterns. This kind of seasoned vision takes decades to earn. With objectivity and optimism, we infuse our companies with smarter views of the entire wealth-tech space. This speeds decision-making, streamlines strategy, and drives timetables.

Operational Expertise
Fintech is at its core an operational game. Our approach recognizes that value creation is amplified when there is a tight link between process, partners, talent, sales, QA, cash flow and culture. Integrating all parts of the operations engine enables sustained advantage, at each life stage in each new market.

Market Relationships
In the wealth space, the lines between prospects and partners; customers and competitors change by the minute. Knowing the key players is not enough. We guide our companies with a smart and targeted process for getting to the right decision makers, in the right manner – to generate new buyers and buy-in.

Technology Intelligence
Tech innovation operates in hyper speed. New entrants are making their mark in a fraction of the time it took the old guard to get there. With proven frameworks and smart modeling, we help companies focus their technology to-do list. By informing and integrating feature road mapping, supply-chain management, resource allocation, productivity, partnering, and pricing, we help companies make the most of every move.

Data / Asset Leverage
If you’re only focused on service revenue, you’re leaving money on the table. New opportunities for value creation are emerging for companies that use their data and financial assets in the smartest ways. By analyzing and aligning the evolving spheres of data supply / demand, we help our companies improve margins, expand relationships and scale the value of their data – and asset classes.